What are municipal alerts?

The "Municipal Alerts" web application is a system that allows you to receive alerts via landline, cell phone, or e-mail so that you can be informed of current or upcoming important notices from your city. We will never, under any circumstances, send you any advertisements or solicitations.

Who sends the messages?

The messages are sent by the City of Waterville.

How many messages will be sent?

It is impossible to predict the number of messages that will be sent, but you can rest assured that the city will only send important messages that are relevant to its residents.

Who can sign up to receive municipal alerts?

All residents (and merchants) of Waterville can sign up to receive alerts.

How do I receive alerts?

To receive alerts via landline, cell phone, or e-mail, you must sign up by completing the registration form.

Can I opt out from receiving alerts?

You can opt out at any time by logging in to your profile.

Is there a fee for using the municipal alert system?

Use of the municipal alert service is completely free for all residents of Waterville. The text messaging service is offered at no extra charge to anyone who has a cell phone with a text messaging plan. If in doubt, and to avoid additional charges, contact your mobile carrier to check the details of your plan.

Is our personal data kept confidential?

The personal information entered in your "Municipal Alerts" profile is strictly reserved for the use of the City of Waterville. The City of Waterville will not transmit your personal information to third parties under any circumstances.

What are the Terms of Use of the municipal alert system?

The MUNICIPAL ALERTS web application is a means of emergency communication that should not be used as a sole source of information. Although it is an information dissemination tool for your municipality in case of emergency, it does not offer any guarantees as to the accuracy, exhaustiveness, or delivery of any alert published on or transmitted by the system. Your municipality, its officers, its employees, and its assignees cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise, directly or indirectly, from an alert notification or from the fact that a subscriber has not received it. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer and consequently give up the right to sue your municipality, its officers, its employees, and its assignees.